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Bunyip Tree
The Bunyips live in the Bunyip Tree.
They sleep all day and at night they play.
Bunyip tree by a billabong
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The Bunyip Tree is a massive and mysterious tree full of rooms, staircases and slides with some windows and a big front door.

The Bunyip Tree world is set in a small town, somewhere in Australia, beside a river, next to a forest and near the desert. In the centre is a billabong. On an island in the billabong is the Bunyip Tree where the bunyips live. In the town lives a community of Australian animals who play, and explore in their unique environment.

Bunyip Tree is a series of stories written and illustrated by Russell James. The first five stories focus on individual animals from the Bunyip Tree town and their friendship and adventures. These rhyming books are perfect for children ages 3 and up, and the engaging illustrative style and irresistible rhyme will deliver joy for all imaginations.

Russell James
Children's book author and illustrator, Russell James is the creator of the Bunyip Tree world.
Russell James, Bunyip Tree author

With a background in graphic design Russell brings a unique blend of creative thought to his work in both traditional and digital media but is happiest when he tells a story. Russell has worked as an art director and creative director, culminating in directing his own successful design and marketing company, Hop Skip Jump.

As well as helping clients tell their story, Russell has always told stories of his own. Poems, paintings, illustrations, a few greeting card ranges, even a cartoon strip have all served as mediums.

Today, Russell draws and writes in his studio on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, where the beach calls to him along with the parrots.

You can follow Russell on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.